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The 3 Step Formula for Selling When You Speak!
Go from struggling to stand out & be heard to connecting and converting with authenticity and confidence!
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This is for you if you’re a heart centred author, coach, consultant or online entrepreneur and you feel like you're not able to have the impact and results you want because your voice and message are not reaching or engaging your audience.

This free workshop takes you through the A, B, C of creating powerful, authentic talks that sell without ‘selling’. It will help you increase audience engagement on your webinars, podcasts, workshops, videos and of course on stage, so that you get more sales, subscribers, followers and speaking opportunities.
*Attend the Webinar LIVE and I’ll also be GIVING You MY HEART MAP blueprint for STORY LED talks that SELL, to take away.

(FYI - This is not the blueprint, but an artists' snazzy interpretation of what you'll get out of it)


How to grab that most precious thing...your audience’s attention, so that they stop, listen and are open to your message.


The secret weapon of selling that so many entrepreneurs miss, and that could be costing you.


The aspect of your speaking you need to get right, so that your audience will be ready to say, “yes”!

Some of Sarah's Student Success Stories...

Verla Fortier

Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie 
Colon Hydrotherapist and Social Seller

About the workshop host:

If we haven't met before and you're wondering who I am and why I'm qualified to be sharing this stuff... hopefully this helps.

I'm a storytelling and humour consultant and coach, and I help heart centred entrepreneurs and business owners use speaking to change lives. 

Alongside that I’m a comedian, actress, speaker, writer and ex member of the corporate world...although you may know me from my podcast, The Speaking Club, (which is now in over 159 countries... and it keeps my dog from barking when we go out!)

This mix means I'm uniquely qualified to teach you how to create content that makes your audience stop, listen and lean in, and to deliver it with the passion and performance skills that will make them fall in love with your message...

...and I’ve helped hundreds of people do just that through my podcast, online courses, workshops and group coaching.

I'd love to help you too, and look forward to catching up with you LIVE at one of the workshops!
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